В сърцето на Дунава

Хотел Престиж

гр. Белене
32 стаи
гр. Белене

Хотел Престиж

Панорамно разположен на брега на р. Дунав, хотел Престиж предлага уникален комфорт и спокойствие. На територията на природен парк „Персина“ и в близост невероятно красивия беленски архипелаг. Хотелът е идеално място за вашия уикенд, семейна почивка, лов, риболов или конгресен туризъм. Хотел Престиж се намира на 300 метра от центъра на гр. Белене.

Престиж БЕЛЕНЕ


Стаите са климатизирани, като част от тях разполагат с балкон и живописен изглед към река „Дунав“. Баните са снабдени с душ или вана.

Резервираи: +359 886 156 690

Единична стая на цена от 81 лв.

Двойна стая

Цена за нощувка с включена закуска

104 лв.


Цена за нощувка с включена закуска

115 лв.

Луксозен Апартамент

Цена за нощувка с включена закуска

150 лв.


Хотелът разполага с уютен ресторант със 100 места, където гостите могат да се насладят на дунавски рибни специалитети и други предложения от модерното ни меню.

Ресторант “Престиж” е идеалното място за вашата сватба, рожден ден, юбилей, кръщене, фирмено парти.

За резервации:

+359 886 156 690



За летния сезон барът на басейна е на ваше разположение всеки ден от 10:00 до 20:00 часа.

Спокойствие на БРЕГА НА ДУНАВА

Майски празници в хотел Престиж

Научи повече: +359 886 156 690

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Marta JikovaMarta Jikova
13:20 10 Apr 24
Jordan IvanovJordan Ivanov
03:46 04 Apr 24
Stiliana RalevaStiliana Raleva
19:40 21 Feb 24
Great food and service. Perhaps the best place in the whole region. Prices are low considering the level of service and quality of the food. Try the homemade bread with herb butter.
Jerrard WattsJerrard Watts
12:32 17 Aug 23
Dropped in while canoeing down the Danube.Good food, cold beer and a lovely view.No idea about the pool or rooms
Ruth SmartRuth Smart
19:46 28 Apr 23
Very nice hotel in a lovely location by the river Danube. The restaurant was closed for a function on our 2nd night so had to find somewhere to eat in the town
Bogdan DumitrescuBogdan Dumitrescu
11:56 24 Jul 22
An almost hidden gem on the northern shore of Danube (Belene), it boasts tranquil beautiful views over the river; decent continental breakfast; clean large enough rooms with balcony; free parking & working wi-fi; restaurant menu lacks most traditional Bulgarian dishes, but fresh water fish is available with prices / 100 g; decent cooking overall, but grilled catfish was delicious; beautiful seasonal outdoor swimming pool; kind staff; decent prices, but not cheap; overall it’s well above its two star rating;
Rick GroundRick Ground
12:32 26 May 22
Hotel Prestige: Incompetent Staff & OwnerWe are a group of four photographers – two couples.One of our group began in February to make attempts to schedule a 4-day stay, with exclusive use of Hotel Prestige wildlife photography hides. She wrote emails and called. Whenever she connected, she was told ‘the person is not available,’ and ‘someone will call you back.’She gave up after a number of attempts. She contacted a friend who acts as an agent, and who had actually helped build the wildlife hides for the hotel. He agreed to help.It also took him many attempts: he said he had to call about 20 times. He was finally able to make reservations for us for the middle of May.When we four showed up at the hotel’s front desk on 16 May, they said only one room was ready, and that the other would be ‘ready later.’‘Later’ (this is Monday afternoon), we discovered that this ‘other’ room was actually an unfinished room in their unfinished annex, on the 4th floor – Most certainly not the ’87 bgn, Double Room’ for which we had pre-registered and prepaid. Here is what we got:• No door keys• No hot water (until Tuesday evening)• No refrigerator• A broken bathroom shower – one of two doors not attached; the unit itself was barely attached to the wall (when you are inside, if you move, the shower unit moves with you)• Two single beds, almost no furniture (no couch, no chairs), and a very small wardrobe with no hangers• Towels, topsheets, and blankets damp from incomplete drying• No controller for the air conditioning unit; it was set at 16°C; this made for a very cold, uncomfortable night, since the topsheets and blankets were damp.Part of our ‘prepaid package’ included exclusive use Tuesday and Wednesday of their wildlife hides, and the possibility to use them Thursday, if no photographer was scheduled for that day.We discovered that Prestige Hotel had double-booked use of their wildlife photography hides for the entire week. On Tuesday, one half of our group used the Bee-eater Hide all day while myself and my partner were at the Raptor Hide. But, another group (not their fault; they were scheduled just like we were) showed up at the Raptor Hide, and we lost use of that hide for most of the day.Hotel staff told us the Songbird Hide (the hotel’s third hide) was unfinished and unavailable, but we learned the other group used it on Thursday.There were other problems:• One member of our party had to shuttle us around because the hotel staff was often too busy to do it as advertised• The hotel was supposed to provide raptor bait for the Raptor Hide. They did so only for Tuesday; no bait was provided on Wednesday, and we had to carry our the bait out to the hide on Thursday. This bait provided on Thursday was only chicken legs and feet – even the crows would not touch it• The roof for the Bee-eater Hide leaks like a sieve when it rains• The floor of the Raptor Hide is not well-constructed – it pops and creaks at the slightest movement; there is only one corner where you can move without noise, if you are careful.My conclusion:• After all this f**king up by hotel staff and the owner who does scheduling, in spite of their offers for a free stay at some later date, I will never return to stay at this hotel, not even to use their wildlife hides. They likely wouldn’t remember who I was anyway.• Not only will I not return, I will actively try to ensure no one else gets caught in their scam.If I were to be as magnanimous as possible, I might say maybe the hotel staff means well. Maybe they just lack experience.However, they did lie to us a number of times, so I think not.
Konstantin MarinovKonstantin Marinov
15:47 07 Apr 22
Pretty decent place to be honest. Nothing special for the rooms themselves, they were very large, but not maintained perfectly. I recognised the lack of insect nets on the windows, which is extremely crucial thing for a hotel at the coast of a river. Also it was significantly dark in the rooms. There were no chairs and table on the balcony which was disappointing because the view from it is outstanding and breathtaking. This is the best part of my whole experience and the photos I have shared with you are the views I mentioned . The atmosphere is very cozy and relaxing and I had a really great time there. The restaurant and its food were amazing and the personnel was very kind and friendly.I would definitely recommend it, especially for families with kids searching for quite and stress relieving place.
+359 886 156 690
Гр. Белене, ул. Хисарлъка 11