Chapel of Divine Mercy

The Chapel of Divine Mercy is the first of its kind in Bulgaria. Built in 2008. it includes three handmade stained glass windows dedicated to:

Sacred Heart of the Virgin Mary – Refuge of Sinners;

Bl. Yevgeny Bosilkov, a martyr from Belen, declared “blessed” by the Catholic Church as a result of his heroic defense of Christian values ​​in the 1950s.

Icon of Jesus Mercy – painted after the detailed explanations of St. Faustina Kowalska who described her dialogue with Jesus in her diary „ and the rays to be two – bright, representing the water that justifies the souls and a red ray representing the blood, which is the life of the souls. Both rays issue from the depths of My mercy when My heart was pierced with a spear“

In 2019 The Archbishop of Krakow presents relics of St. Faustina Kowalska placed in the center of our chapel.

Something curious: In 2015 Pope Francis declares a “year of Divine Mercy” in his apostolic letter Misericordiae Vultus declares that “the door of Divine Mercy is always open” perhaps because of the constant winds from the Danube, from that moment the door of the chapel is constantly broken and it remains constantly open.